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A digital marketing agency to help your company gain more practitioner leads and sales, so that you make your mark on the health industry and the world.

Discover your optimal marketing strategy
Discover what works and what can be improved with your current sales and marketing efforts.

Engage with more Health Professionals
Implement the Top Digital Marketing Strategies to get better results for your efforts.

Make Your Impact
Elevate yourself to be the industry leader that health professionals trust and refer.

About Us

Why does Impact Driven want your company to win?

We all know the problem… If the current trend of chronic disease keeps increasing, it could cripple the global population.
Reaching and enrolling a critical mass of effective healthcare professionals is the fastest way Functional and Integrative Medicine can make the impact to affect necessary change.

Many doctors and patients are looking for your solutions, even if they don’t know it yet.
That’s where Impact Driven comes in.

Impact Driven helps you engage practitioners online.
Your product or service helps more health professionals.
Those practitioners more effectively transform their patients’ health and lives.

When your company wins, the world wins.


“Future Testimonial Quote will be inserted right here”
~ Dr. John Doe

Services Listing

Product Launch
Ensure your product reaches as many doctors as possible through a fully managed product launch campaign.

Affiliate Marketing
Access our vast network of top industry affiliates to push your product or service even further.

Digital Marketing Coaching
Gain clarity on the best digital strategy for your business so you can grow into an industry leader.

Online Funnel Optimization
Develop a complete marketing system that consistently drives more leads and customers into your business.

Copywriting for Web
Ensure your message to health professionals is clear, inspiring, and turns prospects into buyers – again and again.

PPC Advertising
Drive new practitioners into your business daily at a low cost through Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms.

Tracking & Analytics
Know how your business is performing by the numbers to ensure everything is working and you’re on the right track.

Online Funnel Optimization
Develop a complete marketing system that consistently drives more leads and customers into your business.

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How can Impact Driven Marketing help you reach more health professionals?


We Are Everywhere

Impact Driven Marketing works closely with B2B Health Companies in Integrative and Functional Medicine to help them launch products, get better results with online marketing, optimize their marketing funnels, and clarify their message to more effectively engage health professionals.

If you have a product or service for health professionals and think you can get more for the money you are spending or have no idea where to start, a complimentary strategy session is the best place to begin. There is no pressure and no obligation! Just fill out the form and Anthony Whitehurst or one of the Impact Driven Marketing team members will reach out to you.


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