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Why does Impact Driven want your company to win?

We all know the problem… If the current trend of chronic disease keeps increasing, it could cripple the global population.

Reaching and enrolling a critical mass of healthcare professionals is the fastest way Functional and Integrative Medicine can affect necessary change.

Many doctors and patients are looking for your solutions, even if they don’t know it yet.

That’s where Impact Driven comes in.

  • Impact Driven helps you engage practitioners online.
  • Your product or service helps more health professionals.
  • Those practitioners transform more patients’ health and lives.
  • When your company wins, the world wins.

What does Impact Driven Marketing Do?

We help B2B health companies to acquire more customers and increase revenue…period.

Short term our focus is ROI, to find the pathway to increase profits quickly and progressively.

Long-term we help our clients elevate their brand, build a raving fan base of practitioners, and become industry leaders.

What types of companies do we work with?

If your company has a product or service for health professionals in the Integrative, Functional, Naturopathic, or Alternative Medicine space…we’ll connect with you.

The companies we love to work with are driven by something bigger than profit, they’re ‘Impact Driven’ and want to make the health industry and world a better place.

Reach out to us if your company offers clinical education, practice management education, health technology, in-practice technology/ systems, professional-grade supplements, or laboratory testing.

Who’s behind Impact Driven Marketing?

Anthony Whitehurst started as a sales representative for a professional-grade supplement company, and then worked with the Evolution of Medicine as a digital marketer.

His experience in both sales and marketing in the B2B Health space gave him a unique insight on what works to engage health professionals both online and offline.

Each member of the growing Impact Driven team is an expert in their area of sales and marketing, and they’re excited to work with companies that make a real impact.

What makes Impact Driven so different?

  • We focus on results. (ie: more leads, more customers, higher revenue, )
  • We have a history of executing marketing strategies that 2-5X the typical results.
  • We know the exact messaging to use to engage different types of health professionals.
  • We use proven channels to reach qualified practitioners.
  • We care about working with companies that matter.

How it works?

We’ll start with a strategy call to learn more about your product or service and how you’re marketing online right now. Once we discover the quickest path to improve your results, we’ll launch a small project to generate an ROI. After that point, we’ll discuss how we can best work together moving forward.

What to do next?

Schedule a strategy call with Anthony Whitehurst or one of the Impact Driven team members. If your company helps health professionals, we want you to improve your results online.

Fill out this form below to schedule a strategy call.


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